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Personal Insurance goes beyond just home and auto.

We have a number of personal insurance products to protect other areas of your life. Because of the tailored nature of these products, please contact a Donovan Insurance Broker to get an estimate.

boat on the water


The coverage provided under your home, condo, or tenant insurance is very limited. The canoe or rowboat you use at the cottage, or take with you on vacations, has limited coverage on your property policy. However, motorboats, sailboats and yachts are worthy of careful consideration when it comes to insuring them. Type of coverage is determined by:
  • The size of the boat and engine
  • The type of boat
  • Cooking and sleeping facilities
  • The age and construction of the hull
  • Experience of the Operator
  • The type of boat
  You might be eligible for discounts, considering: any boating courses you have taken, your years of experience and if you carry safety devices onboard.